Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 28 Jun 2023 Time: 10:30 AM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 26 April 2023 (summary attached)
4. Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers
5. Schedule of Applications:
5.1 LA01/2023/0214/F (Major) Unit 12 & 13 Riverside Regional Centre, Coleraine (report attached)
5.2 LA01/2017/1162/F (Major) Lands 220m North West of 81 Glenbuck Road, Dunloy (report attached)
5.3 LA01/2021/1131/F (Council Interest) Lands 20m south west of 58 Cromore Road and lands 50m south east of 58 Cromore Road North Ballyleese Townland Portstewart (report attached) (Addendum) (Objection) (Correspondence) (Correspondence)
5.4 LA01/2022/0818/F (Council Interest) Red Bay Pier, Waterfoot (report attached)
5.5 LA01/2022/1520/F (Council Interest) Land to rear of 25-28 Bamford Park, Rasharkin (to follow) (Erratum)
5.6 LA01/2022/0774/F (Council Interest) 250-252 Castlecat Road, Dervock (report attached)
5.7 LA01/2022/0872/F (Council Interest) 8 Cliff Terrace, Castlerock (report attached) (Site Visit Report)
5.8 LA01/2022/0873/LBC (Council Interest) 8 Cliff Terrace, Castlerock (report attached) (Site Visit Report) (Objection)
5.9 LA01/2022/0635/F (Objection) Lands to the east of 1-6 Mayo Drive and bounded by Ramoan Road, Ballycastle (report attached) (Addendum)
5.10 LA01/2020/0510/F (Objection) Lands off Kilnadore Park, Opposite lands on North side of Kilnadore Park, Opposite 25-31 Kilnadore Brae, Cushendall - Kilnadore Townland (report attached) (Addendum)
5.11 LA01/2021/1271/F (Objection) Nos 4 and 5 Bushmills Road, Portrush (report attached)
5.12 LA01/2020/0117/F (Objection) 8 Blackrock Road, Portrush (report attached)
5.13 LA01/2021/0063/F (Referral) Site approximately 20metres South of No.2 Craigfad Road Ballycastle (report attached) (Addendum 2)
5.14 LA01/2020/0683/O (Referral) Lands approximately 120m South West of 37 Moneyrannel Road, Limavady (report attached) (Addendum)
5.15 LA01/2021/1155/F (Referral) 40m South of 29 Boveedy Road, Kilrea (report attached)
5.16 LA01/2022/1188/O (Referral) Lands between No15 and No18 Shinny Road, Ringsend, Coleraine (report attached) (Erratum)
5.17 LA01/2022/0960/F (Referral) Site 33m North West of No. 3 Drumack Hollow, off Craigs Road, Rasharkin (report attached)
5.18 LA01/2021/1545/MDA (Planning Agreement) 1 Moneyvart Cottage, Layde Road, Cushendall (report attached) (Objection 'In Committee)
6. Correspondence: 
6.1 DfI – Long Term Water Strategy Group (attached)
6.2 DfI – Review of The Planning (Development Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) Regulation 2015 – Initial Stakeholder Engagement (attached)
6.3 DfI – The Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2023 (attached)
6.4 DAERA – Marine Licence – The Crescent, Portstewart (attached)
6.5 NIEA – Planning Consultations for Agricultural Development (attached)
6.6 PACNI – DC&S District Council – Independent Examination  Dates (attached)
6.7 Draft PADs Process (report attached)
6.8 DC&S DC – LDP dPS Notification Letter (attached)
7. Local Development Plan (LDP)
7.1 Verbal Update
7.2 6 month LDP Update (report attached)
7.3 Consultation on de-listing of 6-8 Main Street, Limavady (report attached)
7.4 DfI – Public Consultation on Review of Renewable & Low Carbon Energy (report attached)
7.5 TPO Confirmation – Riverside House, 28 Portstewart Road, Coleraine (report attached)
8. Confidential Items:
8.1 Update on Legal Issues 
8.2 Finance Period 1 – 12 - Update 2022/23 (report attached)
8.3 LDP SA – Review of Consultants hourly rate (report attached)
8.4 Planning Committee Allowance Payment (report attached)
9. Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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