Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024 Time: 10:30 AM


1.    Apologies
2.    Declarations of Interest
3.    Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held 24 January 2024 (copy attached)
4.    Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.     Schedule of Applications:
   5.1   LA01/2020/0559/F, Council Interest, 3 Berne Road, Portstewart (report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Michael Worthington attached
   5.2   LA01/2020/1390/F, Objection Item, Approx. 50m NE of 1 Gortaclee Road, Cushendall (report attached)  (Erratum attached)  (Addendum attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Jason Martin 2020 Architects attached)  (objection Fiona and John Mort attached)  (Objection Oonagh Given attached)  (Objection Patrick Clerkin attached)  (Objection 2 Fiona and John Mort attached)  (Obection 2 Patrick Clerkin attached
   5.3   LA01/2023/0129/O, Referral, Lands immediately west of 17 Glebe Road, Garvagh (report attached)  (Site visit report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Oswald Dallas attached
   5.4   LA01/2021/1548/F, Referral, 76 Fivey Road, Ballymoney (report attached)
   5.5   LA01/2022/0779/F, Referral, Lands at 200m NW of 293 Drumsurn Road, Drumsurn (report attached)  (Site visit report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Nick and Tara Lamb attached
   5.6   LA01/2021/1351/F, Referral, 60m NE of 45 Glenedra Road, Feeny (report attached)  (Site Visit report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Professor David Hassan attached
   5.7   LA01/2023/0513/F, Referral, 110a Causeway Street, Portrush (report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Paul Fletcher attached
   5.8   LA01/2023/0117/O, Referral, 248m South West of 97 Cashel Road, Macosquin, Coleraine (report attached)  (Site Visit report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template John Simpson attached
   5.9   LA01/2023/1101/F, Referral, Lands at 1 Somerset Road, Coleraine (report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Andrew Heasley attached
   5.10 LA01/2022/0905/F, Referral, Site 220m SW of 61 Kilnadore Road, Cushendall (report attached)  (Speaking Rights Template Padraig McAlister attached
   5.11 LA01/2022/0082/O, Referral, Site/s between 15 and 17 Dunlade Road, Greysteel (report attached)  (Addendum attached
   5.12 LA01/2022/0176/F, Referral, Approx 250m SE of 24 Carten’s Road, Limavady   (report attached)

6.     Correspondence: 
   6.1   DfI – Public Consultation on the Review of the Development Management Regulations (copy attached)
   6.2   DfI – Long-term Water Strategy for Northern Ireland (copy attached)
   6.3   NIEA – Update on DAERA actions to improve consultation responses (copy attached)
   6.4   DAERA – EIA Consent Decision – Curran Strand, Portrush (copy attached)
   6.5   BT – Adopt a Scheme – 61 Priestlands Road, Bushmills (copy attached)

7.     Reports 
   7.1   Finance Report – Period 1-9 Update (report attached)
8.     Local Development Plan (LDP)
   8.1   6 month LDP Work Programme (report attached)


9.     Confidential Items:
   9.1   Update on Legal Issues 

10.   Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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