Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023 Time: 10:30 AM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 23 August 2023 (copy attached) 
4. Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers
5. Schedule of Applications:
   5.1 LA01/2022/0938/O (Major) Lands on Northern side of Dunluce Road opposite and west of all weather pitch at Dunluce School, 16 Dunluce Road, Bushmills (report attached) (Speaking Rights Template)
   5.2 LA01/2023/0670/F (Council) Prescient Data Centre, Portstewart Road, Coleraine (report attached) (Addendum)
   5.3 LA01/2020/0957/F (Objection) Rear of 11 Main Street, Castlerock (report attached) (Erratum) (Speaking Rights Template)
   5.4 LA01/2022/0939/F (Objection) Grass verge between Screen Road & Dunhill Road, Opposite no 4 Riverside Park East, Coleraine (report attached) (Addendum)
   5.5 LA01/2022/0635/F (Objection) Lands to the east of 1-6 Mayo Drive and bounded by Ramoan Road, Ballycastle (report attached) (Addendum 1 attached) (Addendum 2 attached) (Speaking Rights Template) (Site Visit Report)
   5.6 LA01/2022/1196/O (Referral) Directly Adj to the South of 26 Atlantic Road, Coleraine (report attached) (Speaking Rights Template) (Site Visit Report)
   5.7 LA01/2022/1188/O (Referral), Lands between No15 and No18 Shinny Road Ringsend, Coleraine (report attached) (Erratum) (Speaking Rights Template)
   5.8 LA01/2022/0078/F (Referral) Proposed new domestic shed for pet animals/feed and extension to curtilage (report attached) (speaking rights template)
   5.9 LA01/2020/0975/F (Referral) Lands due south of 56 Lisnagrot Road, Kilrea (report attached) (Addendum attached) (Site visit report attached) (Addendum 2) (Supporting Information from Agent) (Proposed Site Plan)
   5.10 LA01/2021/0063/F (Referral) Site approximately 20metres South of No.2 Craigfad Road, Ballycastle (report attached) (Supporting Information from Agent)
   5.11 LA01/2021/1545/MDA1 Moneyvart Cottage, Layde Road, Cushendall Planning Agreement (report attached) (Addendum 3)
6. Development Plan
   6.1 Verbal Update
   6.2 Consultation on the draft County Donegal Development Plan 2024 – 2030 (report attached) 
   6.3 LDP – Project Management Team – Annual Monitoring Reports 2021/22 & 2022/2023 (report attached) 
   6.4 LDP – Steering Group – Annual Monitoring Reports 2021/22 & 2022/23 (report attached) 
   6.5 TPO Confirmation – 751 Feeny Road, Dungiven (report attached) 
7. Correspondence:
   7.1 Correspondence to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council –     Consultation on LDP 2023 draft Plan Strategy update (report attached) 
   7.2 DfI – Review of LDP Regulations (report attached)
   7.3 DfI – The Strategic Planning Policy Statement and Climate Change (report attached)
   7.4 NIEA – Planning Consultations for Agricultural Developments (report attached)
8. Reports 
   8.1 Commencement of Development (report attached)
   8.2 Finance Report – Period 1-4 Update (report attached) 
   8.3 Planning Performance Annual Report 2022/23 (report attached) 
9. Confidential Items:
   9.1 Update on Legal Issues (verbal)
10. Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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