Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 25 Oct 2023 Time: 10:30 AM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 27 September 2023 (copy attached) 
4. Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers
5. Schedule of Applications:
   5.1 LA01/2019/0922/F (Major) Lands Opp entrance to 59 Maghermore Road, Dungiven, in the townlands of Carnanbane and Maghermore, Approx 4km south of Dungiven (report attached) (Objections) (Addendum) (Comments from Lonan McLaughlin) (Speaking Rights Template, Cllr K McGurk) (Speaking Rights Template, Catriona McReynolds) (Speaking Rights Template, Garth McGimpsey) (Objections 1) (Objections 2) (Objections 3) (Comments from Save Benbradagh Group)
   5.2 LA01/2022/0841/F (Major) Unit 17 and adjoining vacant land, Riverside Regional Major Centre, Riverside Park North, Coleraine and existing Lidl store, 2 Riverside Park North, Coleraine (report attached) (Addendum/Erratum) (Speaking Rights Request)
   5.3 LA01/2023/0454/F (Council) Drumsurn Community Centre, Beech Road, Drumsurn (report attached) (Addendum/Erratum)
   5.4 LA01/2021/1173/F (Council) Land opposite no’s 2 & 2A and at Laurel Park Coleraine (report attached) (Amended Site Visit Report) (Speaking Rights Gemma Jobling and Simon Warke) (Speaking Rights Template for Donard Objections)
   5.5 LA01/2020/0957/F (Objection) Rear of 11 Main Street, Castlerock (report attached v3) (Site Visit Report) (Addendum 2) (Speaking Rights Template Linsey Lyons) (Speaking Rights Template U Nutt)
   5.6 LA01/2022/0799/O (Objection) Site between 62a & 64 Drumalief Road, Limavady (report attached) (Speakng Rights Template Alana Durrent) (Addendum) (Speaking Rights Template Philip Kingston)
   5.7 LA01/2020/0975/O (Referral) Lands due south of 56 Lisnagrot Road, Kilrea (report attached) (Addendum 4) (Site Visit 2 Report)
   5.8 LA01/2023/0287/F (Referral) 11-13 Newal Road, Ballymoney (report attached) (Supporting Information from Agent) (Addendum) (Speaking Rights Template Richard Hunter)
   5.9 LA01/2022/0850/F (Referral) 55 Strand Road, Portstewart (report attached)
   5.10 LA01/2021/1530/F (Referral) Beside 76 Finvoy Road, Ballymoney (report attached) (Addendum) (Speaking Rights Template J Allister) (Supporting Information from Agent)
   5.11 LA01/2021/0928/F (Referral) 2 Ballygelagh Village, Portstewart (report attached) (Speaking Rights Template, David Donaldson)
   5.12 LA01/2023/0147/F (Referral) 22 Greenhall Manor, Coleraine (report attached)
6. Development Plan
   6.1 DfI - Planning Improvement Programme - Review of The Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015 (report attached)
   6.2 Works to Trees – Dark Hedges (report attached version 2) (Works to Trees Addendum)
7. Correspondence:
   7.1 Correspondence from DfI – S26 – Evishagaran Windfarm Extension (copy attached) 
   7.2 Correspondence from Northern Ireland Housing Council (copy attached)
   7.3 Correspondence from NIEA – Planning Consultations for Agricultural Developments (copy attached)
   7.4 Correspondence to DfI – Re: DfC Housing Supply Strategy – Building 100,000 Homes (copy attached)
   7.5 Craigall Quarry – Court of Appeal Judgement (copy attached)
   7.6 Correspondence from Mid and East Antrim Borough Council – Adoption of LDP 2030 – Plan Strategy (copy attached)
   7.7 Draft Transmission Development Plan for NI 2023-2030 (TDPNI) Consultation (copy attached) 
8. Reports 
   8.1 Finance Report – Period 1 -5 Update (report attached)
   8.2 NIPSO – TPO Overview Report (report to follow)
   8.3 Q1 Planning Statistical Report (report to follow)
9. Confidential Items:
9.1 Update on Legal Issues (verbal)
10. Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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