Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 Time: 10:30 AM


1.      Apologies

2.      Declarations of Interest

3.      Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 27 October 2021 (to follow)

4.      Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.      Schedule of Applications:

5.1    LA01/2019/0890/F, Existing Rigged Hill Windfarm site, 6km East/South of Limavady (report attached)  

Objection from David & Gwyneth McQuiston (attached), Non-Committal response from Lonan McLaughlin (attached),  Objection from Olga Harper (attached) 

5.2    LA01/2021/0813/F, Lands to the rear and north of 191 Coleraine Road 19-45 Cappaghmore Manor and the south of 12-14 Cromlech Park Portstewart (report attached)

5.3    LA01/2021/0563/F Council Multi-Use Games Area (M.U.G.A), Playing Fields behind 171 Kings Lane, Ballykelly (report attached)

5.4    LA01/2020/0550/F, Approx. 30m SW of 147 Mountsandel Road, Coleraine (report attached)  Site Visit Report (attached) Correspondence from Agent (attached) 

5.5    LA01/2020/1295/F, 36 Ballyrogan Road, Garvagh (report attached)

5.6    LA01/2021/0023/O, Adjoining No 37 Dunlade Road, Greysteel (report attached)

5.7    LA01/2020/0966//F, Unit 4, Ballybrakes Business Park, Ballymoney (report attached)

5.8    LA01/2020/0687/F, Approx 70m NE of No 81 Coolagh Road, Greysteel (report attached)       (addendum attached) 

5.9    LA01/2021/0418F, Land approx. 38m east of the junction of Churchfield Road and Ballynagard Road (Losset Corner) Ballycastle (report attached)

5.10  LA01/2020/1154/F, Unit 2, 25 Ballymena Road, Ballymoney (report attached)

6.      Development Plan:

6.1    Local Development Plan – 6 Month LDP Work Programme (June - December 2021) (report attached)

7.      Correspondence:

7.1    DAERA – Actions to improve Planning Consultations delays and temporary impact on caseload management practices (attached)

7.2    DAERA – License for repair to Beach Palisade – Portballintrae (attached)

7.3    Dalradian Gold Ltd – Invitation to visit site at Tara Mine in Navan, Co Meath (attached)

7.4    Response to BT re: Permanent removal of public telephone – Portballintrae (attached)

7.5    Response to BT re: Removal of public telephone service (to install defibrillator) – Bann Road, Bendooragh (attached)

7.6    DfI Letter to Council re: Withdrawal of Planning Advice Notice (attached)

7.7    Council’s response to DfI re: PAN (attached)

7.8    Response to DfI - LTWS – Council’s Implementation Update as of 31.09.21 (attached)

7.9    LTWS – Annual Report (attached)    


 8.      Confidential Items:

8.1    Report for Noting Finance Period 1-6 2021 22 Update (report attached)

8.2    Legal Update on JR Decision (verbal)

9.      Any Other Relevant Business (Notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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