Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024 Time: 10:30 AM


1.     Apologies

2.     Declarations of Interest

3.     Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held 27 March 2024 (to follow)

4.     Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.     Schedule of Applications:

5.1   LA01/2024/0054/S54, Major, Lands at Stanalane, to West and South of  Dunluce School, 16 Dunluce Road, Bushmills (report attached) (Erratum) (Correspondence Agent and DfI Roads)

5.2   LA01/2021/0177/F, Major, Lands approx 40m NW of units 8 & 10 Wattstown Business Park, Wattstown Crescent, Coleraine (report attached) (Speaking Rights Gemma Jobling)

5.3   LA01/2020/0641/F, Objection Item, Site adjacent to 8 Strandview Cottages, Castlerock (report attached) (Erratum) (Speaking Rights Gemma Jobling)

5.4   LA01/2021/0423/F, Objection Item, 31 to 33 Main Street, Cloughmills (report attached)

5.5   LA01/2022/0238/O, Referral, Approx 200m NE of 43 Farran Road, Ballymoney (report attached) (Speaking Rights Richard Hunter)

5.6   LA01/2022/0905/F, Referral, Site 220m SW of 61 Kilnadore Road, Cushendall (report attached) (Site VIsit Report) (Correspondence from Agent) (Speaking Rights Daniel McAlister) (Speaking Rights Padraig McAlister)

5.7   LA01/2021/1163/F, Referral, 21-27 Causeway Street, Portrush (report attached) (Site VIsit Report) (Speaking Rights Ryan Brace)                      

5.8   LA01/2022/0916/RM, Referral, Lands 66m East of No. 31 Bellany Road, Articlave (report attached) (Addendum) (Site Visit Report) (Correspondence from Agent) (Speaking Rights Lee Kennedy)

5.9   LA01/2021/0803/O, Referral, Approx 273m South of 136 Moyan Road, Dunloy (report attached) (Speaking Rights James Dunlop)

5.10 LA01/2020/0631/O, Referral,168 Agivey Road, Coleraine (report attached) (Erratum) (Addendum) (Speaking Rights Mark Smyth) (Speaking Rights Cllr S Bateson)

5.11 LA01/2022/0885/O, Referral, Site adjacent to No. 55 Green Road, Quilly, Coleraine (report attached) (Speaking Rights Richard Moore)

5.12  LA01/2021/0650/F, Referral, Lands Between 46 Glenshesk Road, Drumahaman Bridge, Ballycastle (report attached) (Addendum) (Speaking Rights Michael McKeown

6.     Correspondence

6.1   Donegal CoCo correspondence RE - Consultation on Proposed Material Alterations to CDP 2024-2030 (copy attached)

6.2   DfI “Call for Evidence” SPPS Review re: climate Change (copy attached)

6.3   FODC – Consultation – Call for Sites & SPG (copy attached)

6.4   PAC – Response to Revised LDP Timetable (copy attached)

6.5   DAERA – Update BAT Guidance (copy attached)

6.6   Marine Construction Licence (copy attached)

 7.     Reports  

7.1   Finance Report – Period 1-11 (report attached)

7.2   TPO Confirmation – Mountsandel Road (report attached)

 7.3   Quarterly Performance Update (report to follow)


8.     Confidential Items:

8.1     Update on Legal Issues (Addendum)

9.     Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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