Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021 Time: 10:30 AM


1.      Apologies

2.      Declarations of Interest

3.      Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 24 November 2021 (to follow)

4.      Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.      Schedule of Applications:

    5.1    LA01/2021/1207/F, Waterside Carpark, Castle Lane, Coleraine (report attached)

    5.2    LA01/2021/1065/F, Existing planter to west of Coleraine Town Hall, The Diamond, Coleraine (report attached)

    5.3    LA01/2021/1055/A, on the pavement directly outside 3 Railway Road, Coleraine (report attached)

    5.4    LA01/2019/0629/O, Land at 29 Drumavoley Road, Ballycastle (report attached)  (Erratum attached) 

    5.5    LA01/2021/0023/O, Adjoining No 37 Dunlade Road, Greysteel (report attached)  (Site Visit Report)   (Correspondence from Agent) 

    5.6    LA01/2021/0418/O, Land approx. 38m east of the junction of Churchfield Road and Ballynagard Road (Losset Corner) Ballycastle (report attached)  (Site Visit report) 

    5.7    LA01/2018/1158/F, Approx 30m South East of 20 Glenariffe Road, Glenariffe (report attached)  (Addendum) 

    5.8    LA01/2020/0156/F, 99 Dowland Road, Limavady (report attached)

6.      Development Management and Enforcement

    6.1    NI Planning Monitoring Framework 2020/21 (report to follow)  (Appendix 1) 

    6.2    Planning Review – Action Plan (report attached)

    6.3    Review of the “Protocol for the Operation of the Planning Committee” (report to follow)

 7.    Development Plan:

    7.1 Quarterly Verbal Update

8.      Correspondence:

    8.1    DAERA Single Dwelling Standing Advice (attached)

    8.2    DAERA Planning Authority intention to proceed with a decision without DAERA advise (attached)

    8.3    Correspondence to DAERA Minister re: consultation responses (attached)

    8.4    Response to DAERA Minister re: TPO at Craigall (attached)

    8.5    Response from DfI Minister re: PAN (attached)

    8.6    Correspondence to DfI Minister re: submission of representations late in the planning process (attached)

    8.7    FODC Draft Plan Strategy Correspondence – Representation (attached)

    8.8    FODC Draft Plan Strategy Correspondence – Consultee (attached)

    8.9    DC&S DC – Correspondence re: dPS focused changes & revised LDP timetable (attached)

    8.10 Signed Shared Environmental Services (SES) SLA – SASEA (attached)


9.      Confidential Items:

    9.1    Report for Noting Finance Period 1-7 2021 22 Update (report attached)

    9.2    Planning Budget estimate 2022/23 (report to follow)

    9.3    Legal Update (verbal)

10.    Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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