Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016 Time: 2:00 PM

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Minutes of Meeting held Wed 24 Feb 2016 SUMMARY

Item A C/2014/0435/O

Item B LA01/2015/0837/F

Item C LA01/2015/1074/F

Item D LA01/2015/0396/F

Item E B/2014/0278/F

Item F LA01/2016/0052/O

Item G LA01/2015/1052/O

Item I LA01/2015/0887/O

Item J LA01/2015/0874/F

Item K LA01/2016/0056/LBC

Development Management Statistics

Development Plan

Correspondence NIEA Delisting of Buildings, Bushmills

Correspondence NIEA Listing of Structures, Bushmills

Correspondence Tamnyrankin ASSI Designation

Correspondence OFGEM E-Serve

Correspondence DRD Sustainable Water

Correspondence DoE Government Departments Legislation

DRD Transport NI