Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019 Time: 7:00 PM



1.  The Mayor’s Business

2.  Apologies

3.  Declarations of Members’ Interests

4.  Presentation by Ulster GAA - To receive

- Brian McAvoy, Chief Executive Officer and Provincial Secretary

- Diarmaid Marsden, Head of Club and Community Development Department

- Stephen McGeehan, Project Sponsor, Casement Park Stadium Development

5.  Minutes of Council Meeting held Tuesday 22 January 2019, postponed to Monday 28 January 2019 (attached)

6.  Minutes of Council Meeting held Thursday 7 February 2019 (attached)

7.  Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held Wednesday 23 January 2019 (attached)

8.  Minutes of Environmental Services Committee held Tuesday 5 February 2019 (attached)

9.  Minutes of Leisure & Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 12 February 2019 (attached)

10.  Minutes of Corporate Policy and Resources Committee held Tuesday 19 February 2019 (to follow)

11. Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel – Local Government Side

12. Conferences (report attached)

13. Correspondence (report attached)

14. Consultation Schedule (report attached)

Seal Documents

Grave Registry Certificates

15.1       Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and    Portstewart Cemeteries (No’s 4728 – 4741 inclusive)  

15.2       Grave Registry Certificates, Ballymoney Cemetery (No’s 2945 – 2947 inclusive)

15.3       Grave Registry Certificates, Rasharkin Cemetery (No’s 35 & 36 inclusive)

15.4       Grave Registry Certificates, Limavady Cemetery (496 – 501 inclusive)

Other Leases/Licences

15.5       Contract with Legend Leisure Management (L&D 181113 / CM 181127)

15.6       DAERA and CC&GBC – 20 Year Lease Garvagh Forest (L&D 190212)

15.7       Deed of Consent to Licence to Enter Upon Lands for the Purposes of Undertaking works at 27 – 28 Kerr Street, Portrush (L&P 17/09/06/ CPR 170919 / CM 170926)

16.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Nicholl, seconded by Councillor McGlinchey

          ‘That this Council dedicates a 'quiet time' hour in all our Leisure facilities’   

17.    Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor McGurk, seconded by Councillor K Mulholland

          ‘This council recognised the positive benefits that breastfeeding can have for both the mother and baby.  Calls on the council to supports the #NotSorryMums campaign run by the Public Health Agency and the Department of Health.  Further calls on the council to ensure that all councils facilities are    a part of the 'Breastfeeding welcome here scheme'

18.    Notice of Motion Proposed by Councillor McLean, seconded by Alderman Finlay

          ‘That Council review the policy around the ‘Citizen’s Newsletter’ with a view to making the publication more cost effective.

          “After receiving a number of complaints from local people regarding Council’s “Citizens’ Newsletter”, I have been prompted to investigate its’ usefulness.

          The cost associated with design and distribution of the magazine across the Borough equates to approximately £18,348 per edition.  Over 60% of this cost relates to distribution. In the 21st century, there are more cost effective ways of communicating with citizens, by perhaps utilising our website and social media more effectively.  A significant reduced print run could be distributed in a targeted manner across the Council’s public buildings, as well as in libraries, doctors’ surgeries, schools and churches.

          Councillors who are engaged with their community also provide a means of communicating with the local population.

          Bearing in mind these factors it seems only sensible Council reviews this expensive means of communicating with Citizens of the Borough’.


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