Screening Report April to June 2021

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Section 75 Equality and Good Relations

Consultation on Screening of Policies April to June 2021

Policy/Strategy Aim/Purpose of Policy New or Revised Policy Date of Screening Recommendation
Coleraine Bomb Memorial (Post Consultation)The memorial aims to remember the lives of those who died as a result of a car bomb in Railway Road, Coleraine. The outcome is to identify family, constituent’s, business, victims and survivors group views and identification of options for a permanent memorial.New DPIA and RNA Screening19 April 2021Screened out with mitigation
Fire Safety PolicyThe aims are: a. To eliminate or minimise, so far as is reasonably practicable, the risk of fire within Council premises. b. To promote and develop an integral fire safety culture c. To fire risk assess all relevant Council premises and implement appropriate control measures d. Effective consultation and communications with all stakeholders e. Monitor the Council fire safety performance to ensure compliance with its legal obligations and continual improvement of the Councils fire safety management system.New DPIA18 June 2021Screened out with mitigation

Coleraine Bomb Memorial (Post Consultation)

Coleraine Bomb Memorial Rural Needs Impact Assessment (Post Consultation)

Fire Safety Policy