Appendix 12 (EQIA - The Flying of the Union Flag)

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Appendix 12: Minutes of the EQIA Flags Consultation – Equality Forum


10:30 am, 25th March 2020, Microsoft Teams

In attendance:

6 members of the Equality forum, 2 interpreters, 1 consultant and 3 members of staff


The meeting began at 10:30


Presentation by Stella Gilmartin – Gilmartin Consulting 

Stella welcomed everyone to the Equality Forum Consultation and gave a short presentation.


At the conclusion of the presentation members of the Equality Forum were invited to express their views.


One person queried what Council were looking at in relation to the Union Flag. This person felt that public perception could be dangerous. The individual had no objection but asked do we want to see it 365 days a year and felt that this might be overkill.


Stella asked the forum how this would affect them personally and how this would affect others.


One member of the forum questioned if everyone would feel welcome and included? They also questioned how this would make people who are visiting the area feel?


Another person asked if this would be the only flag flown or would this include other flags.


Elizabeth stated that the only other flags that council fly are specialist flags e.g blue flags at the beaches. Elizabeth stated Council is open to providing balance.


Another member of the forum queried the painting of the kerbs around the roundabouts and asked what is being done about this.


Elizabeth advised that this is not councils’ responsibility but that it could be raised with Road Service.


Stella encouraged the members of the forum to complete online survey.