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Draft Pitches Condition Survey & Investment Strategy

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Council recently commissioned a condition audit across the Borough for nine different outdoor sport and leisure facility types:

Association Football
Lawn Bowls
Multi-Use Games Areas

In addition to this audit Council ran open workshops and an online survey for relevant clubs and associations. Through this process interested parties were asked for relevant information and opinions regarding the scale and quality of the existing facilities and what additional facility need exists in the area. Council used this information along with existing methodologies from expert bodies to assess the adequacy of provision and any unmet need.

The result of all this work has been the production of the attached “Draft Pitches Condition Survey and Investment Strategy”. This uses an evidence based approach to prioritise and cost potential future investments into the outdoor sporting infrastructure in the Borough. The inclusion of cost estimates at such an early stage can only ever be indicative and the actual costs of projects will be reliant on myriad site specific and market specific issues. Costs therefore should only be considered as very early stage indications.

The inclusion of proposed projects in the Strategy is not necessarily an indication that they will become a reality. Each of the proposed projects would need to be the subject of a detailed business case and affordability assessment before an investment decision could proceed.

Finally, the inclusion of proposed projects in the Draft Strategy is not an indication that Council has access to or made a commitment to the capital funding required to create them. In some cases, after a business case evaluation, Council may be in a position to fund all or some of the project costs but in other cases, as a result of the competing priorities for Councils limited resources, it may be necessary to seek external funding. This Strategy, once finalised, will help create the strategic justification to support third party funding applications.


Why we are consulting:

This consultation exercise will be open to all interested parties across the Borough or any bodies with a legitimate interest such as national associations. In particular Council is interested in securing the opinion of organisations and individuals regarding the nine identities protected under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in relation to its likely impact on matters of Equality and Good Relations.

In addition, Council wants to thank all those individuals and organisations from across the sports who took the time to contribute to this important Draft Strategy and seek your opinion as to the appropriateness of the proposals contained therein.


Date opened:  4th July 2018

Date closes:  28th September 2018


Contact details:

Wendy McCullough; or


66 Portstewart Road


BT52 1EY


If you would like to request information in an alternative format please do not hesitate to contact us on 028 7034 7034 or email


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Please read the Council’s Leisure and Development Department's Privacy Statement for the Draft Pitches Condition Survey & Investment Strategy consultation which details how we will process your personal data.

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Draft Pitches Condition Survey & Investment Strategy

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