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Accessible Information Policy Consultation

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The Council’s Equality Scheme makes a commitment that we will promote equality of opportunity and value the diversity of all the people in our community.  By this we believe that all members of society should have fair and equal access to our services and have opportunities to participate in our plans for how we deliver our services.Through ensuring that the information we produce is equally accessible, we will continue to demonstrate this commitment.

Information produced by council exists in many forms, including information about services, policies, facilities, legislation etc.This means that both individuals and the public at large may be target groups of our information.By understanding and thinking about how we provide information and communicate with others we will help improve our standards in accessible information.


Why are we consulting?

We would like to consult with you on the content of the draft accessible information policy.

We want to make sure that our approach to the provision of information either in written or alternative format is accessible, clear, balanced, fair, transparent and accurate.   


Opened: Thursday 28th June 2018

Closes: Friday 21st September 2018 at 4pm



Please forward any comments to:

Equality and Diversity

Riada House

14 Charles Street


BT53 6DZ

Telephone: 028 2766 0200



If you require any additional information, would like to request information in an alternative format please do not hesitate to contact us on 028 0766 0200 or at:


Your data

Please read the Council’s Corporate Services Privacy Statement for the Accessible Information Policy consultation which details how we will process your personal data.

Draft Accessible Information Policy

Accessible Information Policy Consultation Privacy Notice

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