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Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy

15 February 2023

Start Time: 10am

End Time: 11am

Hydrogen Economy

Many countries are looking for solutions on how to control their carbon emissions and how to reach carbon neutrality. In this Hydrogen Economy webinar, Swagath Manohar, Senior Industry Analyst Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan will look at helping you identify growth opportunities in hydrogen technologies and markets.

Swagath will discuss the five key pillars of decarbonisation:
• Rise of renewables
• Hydrogen economy
• Direct electrification and renewable heat
• Emissions management
• Energy efficiency

None of the key pillars are new, however the importance of each has increased in the past few years. Technology and crucially, business model innovation, will drive them further forward.

Target Audience: All businesses interested in hydrogen powered technology

Organising Company: Invest NI



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