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(on demand) Hospitality & Tourism, Recruitment & Retention Webinar Series

(on demand) Hospitality & Tourism, Recruitment & Retention Webinar Series

31 March 2023

Start Time: on demand

End Time: on demand

Recruitment & Retention Webinar Series
This webinar series has been developed by the HATS Network, with support from Tourism NI, to help small and medium businesses to adopt and implement ‘Our Hospitality & Tourism Commitment’ to enhance the appeal and attractiveness of the industry as a good quality employer and great place to work.

Download the webinar toolkit, filled with tips and links to extra resources to help you attract, retain and engage your workforce.

Northern Ireland Labour Market

There is a combination of short-term and long-term challenges contributing to a tight labour market. Looking ahead, it’s critical the industry has a strategy to ensure businesses can access and retain employees.

This webinar provides an overview of trends and insights into the supply of labour plus looks at opportunities to futureproof recruitment.

Training & Development - Supporting your existing team

Few of us are happy or certainly motivated if we stay in one place for too long, so help your people to move forward.

This webinar highlights best practice in developing your people and multi-skilling your teams including providing engaging development pathways and providing opportunities to learn.

Training & Development - Growing your Team

Maintaining a focus on doing your best recruitment can be challenging in an internal and external context.
This webinar will explore best practices in recruitment and benefits aligned with employer brand.

Reward, Engagement & Recognition

Communication, feedback, and recognition within your teams is an important aspect to build into your everyday life.
This webinar looks at using culture to engage, reward and recognise, understanding communication & engaging your team, and how to use emotional intelligence as a tool.

Wellbeing - Layered approach to mental health

From knowing your obligations, through promoting awareness for your team members to offering support and signposting when needed, there are wide reaching benefits of adopting a truly pro-active and layered approach to mental health.

This webinar covers why mental health should be a priority for business and how to support the mental health of employees.

Wellbeing – Practicalities

Getting the fundamentals right to help support the wellbeing of your employees and to create an environment where not only your team members, but others will want to work is critical.

This webinar explores using culture as a starting point to embed work-life balance practices, well-being practices and how mental health impacts performance.

Collaboration & Partnership - Supporting training and recruitment

Are you aware of the non-traditional channels to support your talent pipeline, develop your existing teams, strengthen your employer brand and think outside of the box when it comes to recruitment?

This webinar will showcase the benefits of external partnerships and collaborative relationships with schools, colleges, and other organisations to help businesses and support a diverse workforce.

Employer Basics - Creating safety & security

A refresh on statutory requirements relating to modern slavery as an employer / manager.
This webinar will provide a briefing in human trafficking & modern slavery as it applies to hospitality & tourism, with a view on best practice in promoting an inclusive workplace.

Target Audience: Hospitality and Tourism industry

Organising Company: HATS



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