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Youth Champions

Councillor Aaron Callan (DUP)

Represents Limavady District Electoral Area

Contact Details:
Mob: 078 4387 9358
Home Tel: 028 777 221 66

Councillor Ashleen Schenning (SDLP)
Represents Limavady District Electoral Area

Contact Details:
Mob: 077 2004 6169

As local leaders who know their communities well, Councillors are ideally placed to understand the services and support needed and wanted for young people in the Borough.  The Council’s Youth Champions will examine how all local provision (not just youth services) supports young people, identifying the outcomes that matter most to young people and working with partners to find ways to deliver these.  Councils may not be in a position to directly deliver or commission all youth provision but their ability to influence and support such provision is invaluable.

Consultation with young people and our partners is key and the Council recognises the efforts of the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People towards mainstreaming the involvement and participation of children and young people in decisions that affect them or in matters which may have an impact on their lives.  The Council’s Youth Champions will strive to work towards this goal within Council and will include the local voluntary and community sector, faith groups, schools and employers in this undertaking.

The Council also recognises the excellent work being undertaken by the Education Authority Youth Service, particularly their work with the Youth Councils in this area.  The Youth Service sees the participation of young people as a key priority and their aim is to focus on the active participation of young people “… to support the development of a credible, democratic and accountable voice for young people.”

In support of this aim the Council has entered into a formal Partnership with the local Youth Councils and, among other things, this Partnership:

  • Recognises the local Youth Councils as a representative voice for young people in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area.

  • Commits the Council to include young people in Council consultations with regard to local services provision and Community Planning.

  • Includes Youth Council representation on Council’s Equality Forum.

  • Provides opportunities for the Youth Council to pro-actively engage and participate in activities with the Mayor and Councillors.

Diversity Champion

Councillor Cara McShane (SF)

Represents The Glens District Electoral Area

Contact Details: Mob 07752 417 316


The Diversity Champion’s responsibilities include:

1.  To champion equality and diversity across the Council.

2.  To display real interest and a desire to be kept appraised of developments in equality and diversity.

3.  Attend and speak at key events in the Council.

4.  Challenge other senior staff and elected members to promote the values of the equality and diversity.

5.  Act as a focus in the Council for:

  • engagement with staff
  • sharing best practice on equality and diversity
  • driving positive actions
  • developing networks.

6.  Promote the Council’s Disability Action Plan and Equality Action Plan.

7.  Attend development events organised for Diversity Champions to become further familiarised with the role of the Diversity Champion.

8.  Regular meetings with the other Diversity Champions to:

  • help mentor new Champions
  • share good practice
  • contribute to a steering group
  • develop case studies of good practice as appropriate.

9.  Understand and effectively represent priorities for the local government sector in terms of equality and diversity.

10. Record and report back on issues and concerns to the Champions’ Network to help inform future progress and development.

11. Ensure relevant articles are placed in Council newsletters/briefings.

Veterans' Champion

Northern Ireland Veterans Support Committee

  • providing services for veterans

A committee has been established in Northern Ireland which brings together different organisations and charities that provide support for veterans. The committee aims to improve cooperation between all services involved in supporting veterans and to facilitate better coordination of effort when interacting both for individuals and for groups.

If you are a charitable organisation in Northern Ireland and would like to get involved with the committee, contact the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Northern Ireland, telephone: 028 9068 6150.

Support to veterans
Causeway Coast and Glens Councillor Michelle Knight-McQuillan is the Council’s current representative to the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Northern Ireland (RFCANI). Councillor Knight-McQuillan is the Veterans’ Champion for Causeway Coast and Glens Borough.  If you, a member of your family or a friend are a veteran and you need advice on accessing support, contact Councillor Michelle Knight-McQuillan.

Mob: 077 9354 4264

Home Tel: 028 7086 8936

Email: Michelle.Knight-McQuillan@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Information about other support agencies

The committee has published a handbook for veterans which signposts local agencies. Download the handbook below.
For more information on the committee, click on the link below to go to RFCANI website.

Reserve Forces and Cadets Association Northern Ireland website

N.I Veterans Handbook

Dungiven Sports Centre Sports Hall

4 Court Sports Hall Activities:

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Netball

  • Handball (2 Courts)

  • Badminton (4 Courts)

  • Volleyball


Sports Hall Hire

For information on hall hire please contact reception on 028777 42794 


Lockers are situated outside the Sports hall entrance on the main corridor and require a £1:00 coin (coin return with key).

Dungiven Sports Centre

3G Pitch

Available to book as a Full Size Soccer Pitch or two half pitch 7-a-side bookings.   

For booking enquires contact 028777 42794 or Download the 3G Booking Form below & return to reception.

Community & Culture section maintains a central Register of  Community and Voluntary Organisations in Causeway Coast and Glens. 

We will regularly email information to local organisations about our funding programmes, events, consultations, external funding opportunities, and anything else that we feel will be useful to your organisation. 

We are keen to make sure that all the community and voluntary groups in the Borough are on our Register so that we can keep you up to date with this information.

Click here to download the Community & Voluntary Organisations Registration Form

Fitness Suite

Dungiven Sport Centre's Fitness Suite is an ultra-modern fully Air-conditioned gym with an open floor plan. Consisting of Cardio-Vascular machines, Resistance machines, a Free Weights area, with 4 large screen TV's and Male & Female changing/shower rooms.   

Opening Times:

Monday – Friday 9am – 10pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday – CLOSED.

Contact Reception on 028777 42794 for Fitness Suite Membership offers or to book in for an Induction.

Birthday Party packages at Dungiven Sports Centre

Here at Dungiven Sports Centre we have a range of Birthday Party Packages to choose from.


  • Soccer/sports

  • Bouncy Castle/inflatable hire

  • Indoor packages

  • Outdoor 3G

Hire of the Party room and use of the kitchen is also available, for more information contact reception on 028777 42794 or click to download a booking form here 

Please find our most up to date Community Centre brochure giving you some ideas of what you can do in the Centres and the most up to date way to book Council Community Centres, both Council Owned and Managed and Council Owned and Community Managed.

Please also find the original version of the brochure (please use this as a guide to hall and meeting room size only).

Stranocum Community Centre is managed by a local community organisation, Stranocum Community Centre Ltd.  They are responsible for all bookings and operating the centre on a day to day basis.

Stranocum Community Centre has a large hall that can accommodate approximately 200 people, a smaller meeting room and a large modern kitchen, there is also a large paved outdoor that has recently been created by a Peace IV project.


 ANDROID           APPLE

Rasharkin Community Centre is managed by a local community organisation, Rasharkin Community Centre Ltd and all booking and day to day operations are facilitated by this group.

There is a large sports hall, 2 meeting rooms (one room currently undergoing refurbishment to be an Interactive Community Hub), kitchen facilities, play areas, outdoor gyms and football pitch (bookable seperately through Council).

Rasharkin is an ideal space for parties, conferences, meetings and sports.

Magilligan Community Centre is the newest and most modern of all the Community Centres across the Borough.  It has the capacity for approximately 70 persons in the hall area, has an interactive meeting room, and a modern kitchen.  It is operated by the Magilligan Community Association and is an ideal space for meetings and parties.

Please see our 'How to Book' section for Contact Details.

Greysteel Community Centre is a large recently refurbished portacabin.  It is operated by the Greysteel Community Association and available to hire for community classes and meetings.  Please see the 'How to Book' section for detail.  The Community Association also provide direct activities including Parent and Toddler and a popular luncheon club, there is a small play area outside.

Since 2012, this centre has been operated by the Ballybogey Community Association, it has a small hall, modern kitchen facilties and a small office.  Recently, with the support of the Peace IV Sharing Your Community Space programme, the group have been able to add an additional brick built storage area, which not only provides much needed storage but frees up an additional room, that can be used for games/activities.

Anyone can book this centre, please just drop the group an email at the address on the 'How to Book' section and they will get back to you with response to any queries.

Council Owned and Community Managed Centres

Council have an additional 5 centres which are well looked after by local Community Organisations, who operate the centres on a day to day basis and take bookings, some of these groups also plan and directly develop and deliver community activities within their areas.

These Centres are located within the rural villages of Greysteel, Stranocum, Rasharkin, Ballybogey and Magilligan.

These Centres are owned by Council and operated by Council also, find out how to hire and where on the 'How to book' section.

The Community Centres across Causeway Coast and Glens can be hired by anyone for a range of activities, meetings, birthday parties, other celebrations.  All have kitchen facilities at your disposal.  

Please just click on the community centre name to see some more pictures. (At the bottom right of the community centre picture are 2 dots, just click on these to scroll through pictures)

Windyhall is located in Coleraine, providing a community hall, kitchen, small meeting room, football and multi use games area.

Sheskburn Community Centre is conveniently located to the rear of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council offices in Ballycastle, and provides space for those wishing to host yoga or pilates classes, or if you are thinking of community education this may be a good space for you.

Portballintrae Village Hall offers a large modern hall, a seperate meeting room, and excellent kitchen facilities.  Car parking is conveniently located to the front of the centre

One of the older centres in the area, Mosside Community Centre offers space for small meetings, suitable for youth groups and a successful community playgroups operates from the Centre also.

Peter Thompson offers a wide array of community meeting rooms, a bowling pavillion, kitchen and changing facilities, and an opportunity for residential group bookings.  

Milburn Community Centre offers a ideal space for local birthday parties in the well kept hall, along with a small meeting room.  There is also an additional play area outside and a Multi Use Games Area.

A community playgroup also operated from a seperate single purpose nursery space at the Centre

One of the most modern of the Council Managed Community Centres, Harpurs Hill Community Centre offers an ideal space for meetings, birthday parties, community education and much more.

Locally known as the 'The Ropewalk', this urban facility offers a lot to local individual and community groups.

There is a large sports hall, various meeting rooms, a boxing gym and a local playgroup.  Coleraine West provides an ideal space for statutory bodies to meet, in modern, friendly surroundings.

Some Council staff are also based here.

Dervock Community Centre is a great rural centre with ample parking, a large bright hall accommodating up to 200 people, a small meeting room is also available, with modern kitchen facilities.

There is also an outdoor football pitch located next to the Community Centre.  Dervock Community Centre also has a new floodlit training area.  For more information on the pitch or floodlit training area, please contact football@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Bushmills is a great rural community centre offering a large hall for community, sporting activties and indoor football.  It is able to safely accommodate large and medium sized bouncy castles, it also has a separate recently refurbished meeting room, kitchen facilities and a small play area.

Ballysally is one of the largest centres, which makes it ideal for all sorts of bookings.

The large sports hall can accommodate two bouncy castles, or 5 aside football, there are meeting rooms of all sizes, so if you are looking to book a private party, if you are a yoga or pilates or fitness instructor, Ballysally should be an option for you.  There is also a social area making it a good spot for community and social gatherings, and an IT room for training providers.

How to Book Community Centres

​There are 18 centres in total of varying sizes across the entire Borough that are available to book.  Of these centres, 13 are directly operated and managed by Council, but another 5 are directly operated by Community and Voluntary organisations on behalf of Council.  These are the centres in Ballybogey, Stranocum, Rasharkin, Greysteel and Magilligan.  In the table below, there is information on how to contact the bookings for the Centres.

How much does is cost to book a Community Centre?

The price varies slightly from area to area, and further information can be requested at time of booking.

Council Owned and Council Managed Centres

Windyhall Community Centre



Millburn Community Centre

Ballysally Community Centre communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Harpurs Hill Community Centre communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Coleraine West Community Centre communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Peter Thompson Community centre communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Dervock Community Centre communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Portballintrae Village Hall communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Bushmills Community Centre communitycentres@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02870347202
Balnamore Community Centre Sheila.Lundy@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02827660260
Mosside Community Centre



Sheskburn Community Centre Carol.Nicholl@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 02820763300

Council Owned and Community Managed Centres

Magilligan Community Centre

magilligancommunity@hotmail.com 07734114159

Ballybogey Community Centre



Greysteel Community Centre



Stranocum Community Centre


Rasharkin Community Centre



Booking Council Football Pitches

Please email football@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Causeway Coast and Glens Community Centres


  • Who are our Community Centres for?

The Community Centres are open and available to everyone – whether you are a Community Association who wants to hold a meeting or local parents wanting to hold a birthday party. 

  • What can you do in the Community Centres?

The community centres offer flexible community space, children’s birthday parties, christenings exercise classes, space for personal training, affordable meeting rooms for statutory and community organisations.  So if you are looking to hold you Annual General Meeting, hold a Community Conference, a first birthday party or train a PT client, then we have the space for you.

Some of the centres will have outside play facilities, some of have Multi Use Games Areas and Outdoor Gyms. Other centres have football pitches and team changing facilities, for more information about football pitches and to book these please email football@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk.

The Trade Engagement team are the primary point of contact for Council’s tourism team.

If you are starting a new tourism venture, thinking of expanding or diversifying your existing business, seeking information on training or simply have a query that you would like help with, then please get in touch with a member of the team. The following diagram highlights some of the activities that we are involved in as a team – to find out more email engagement@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Photo © Northern Ireland Tourist Board

© Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Photograph courtesy of Hufton and Crow


Explore any of the above using keywords provided.


Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board

 Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board



Where links have not been provided below, please use key words above in online searches.

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board


As there are a number of organisations delivering on environmental tourism, please use the key words in the purple boxes below to search for the relevant sites.

Tourism Opportunities is an e zine from the tourism team at Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. If you are a tourism business within the Borough and would like to hear from us, please sign up here to learn about marketing, training or other tourism business opportunities.

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Tourismni.com is an excellent resource for the tourism industry covering a range of topics and with lots of useful toolkits and insights to assist you in running your business.

Combining similar quality and standards, target markets and aspirations and working in partnership with Tourism NI and local authorities, new and creative tourism experiences are diversifying the tourism product of the Causeway Coast and Glens and receiving much acclaim.

Networking = Business growth and development through collaboration = creating new tourism experiences

If you offer an experiential tourism product and would like to join one of the above networking groups please get in touch - see below for contact details.

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Once you are granted access to Tourism NI and Tourism Ireland's libraries these can be searched by location, attraction, theme etc.

Follow us on Facebook, @visitcausewaycoastandglens; we post a couple of times a day with information that will often be relevant for you to share, including photographs, videos and announcements.

The same with Twitter and Instagram page, @visitcausewaycoastandglens.

Perhaps you have captured a stunning image of our landscape on camera, we would love you to share it with us!

Taking time to create inviting and compelling experiential content on Discover NI, with high quality imagery means that your business is promoted on all of the above websites. To find out more click here

Quality Assurance at Tourism NI add core details (property name, address, contact details and room type) of approved accommodation premises directly to Discover NI. The accommodation owner/manager is then allocated a username and password, so that they can add images and descriptive text of their property. There is also the opportunity to add website links enabling the customer to book your premises. Please use this opportunity to promote your business and also to review existing content, so that it is always current.

If you would like help to update your online entry please get in touch - engagement@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

To get your non-accommodation product listed on Discover Northern Ireland it is necessary to read the Tourism NI Contributor Agreement form and to also complete the form relevant to your business category e.g. restaurants, tours etc

To request a Tourism NI Contributor Agreement Form see 'click here' above.

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board


Contact and Address:

32 Curragh Road Dungiven BT474SE

Tel: 02877742794

Find us on facebook:             


Dungiven Sports Centre

Fully Inclusive Sports facility

Dungiven Sports Centre is a newly built state of the art Sports facility officially opened on January 2018.

It was the first Sports facility in Northern Ireland to be awarded the Excellence level of Disability Sport N.I’s Prestigious ‘Inclusive Sports Facility Accreditation’ scheme.

Comprised of:

  • 4 Court Sports Hall
  • Outdoor 3G soccer pitch
  • State of the art Fitness Suite
  • Dance/spin studio
  • Multi-purpose room

We cater for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Functions

Full list of Fitness classes & Bootcamps (see timetable for July 2019).


Opening Times:

Monday – Friday 9am – 10pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday – CLOSED.


Click photo link below to find us on Facebook.

I wish to advise that the presentation for Monday 17th June 2019 at Flowerfield Arts Centre has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Two seminars will be held on Monday 24th June 2019 at Flowerfield Arts Centre, 185 Coleraine Road, Portstewart, BT55 7HU.

Timings for these presentations are 10:00am - 12 Noon and 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

To contact the SignVideo Interpretation Service via a computer, you’ll need video capability and broadband access (see step 3 above). Then follow these steps:

  • Click on SignVideo logo to make a call from the browser. (please insert the SignVideo logo here)
  • Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and they will confirm you are contacting Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council.
  • You will then be connected to a registered BSL interpreter and can start the conversation in BSL (British Sign Language).
  • Please note that SignVideo offer this service to MacBooks and PCs running Windows.

Check your operating system requirements

Before using SignVideo BSL Live, please check you meet these basic requirements as a minimum:


You’ll need to have a computer or device with one of the following operating systems:

  • iOS devices: 11 or above
  • Android devices: 4.4 or above
  • PC devices

Your computer or device will need to have one of the following browsers:

  • PC: Chrome and Firefox
  • macOS: Chrome (Safari 11 supported)
  • a webcam
  • bandwidth of at least 512kbps upload and download.

Our SignVideo service gives you access to an online BSL interpreter in four of our venues:


Sheskburn House, 7 Mary Street, Ballycastle BT54 6QH

Tel: 028 2076 2225



Riada House, 14 Charles Street, Ballymoney, BT53 6DZ

Tel: 028 2766 0200



Cloonavin, 66 Portstewart Road, Coleraine, BT52 1EY

Tel: 028 7034 7034



7 Connell Street, Limavady, BT49 OHA

Tel: 028 7772 2226


These venues are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Services can be found on our A-Z.

In the four Council facilities we connect you to a fully qualified SignVideo interpreter using an iPad, so you can see them on the screen. They will assist you to communicate with our staff. If you need any help, a member of our reception team will be on hand.

You can also contact us to book a face-to-face interpreter through SignVideo on our website – we may need up to two weeks’ notice to arrange the meeting.


Technical help

For SignVideo troubleshooting and technical help, please contact help@signvideo.co.uk or call 020 3388 0771.


Social media

You can also follow us on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CausewayCoastandGlensCouncil

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CausewayCouncil


SignVideo provides our Deaf or Hard of Hearing customers who use British Sign Language (BSL) instant access to a SignVideo online BSL interpreter, in real time, on a video relay system.

This service is simple, fast, secure and free from your own home. Council officers can be contacted Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

To contact the SignVideo Interpretation Service via a computer, you’ll need video capability and broadband access. Then follow these steps:

  • Click on SignVideo logo to make a call from the browser. 
  • Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and they will confirm you are contacting Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council.
  • You will then be connected to a registered BSL interpreter and can start the conversation in BSL (British Sign Language).
  • Please note that SignVideo offer this service to MacBooks and PCs running Windows.

The pilot SignVideo scheme will run for a period of 12 months during which time we will monitor its uptake and collect feedback.


Contact us:

Telephone:  +44 (0) 28 7034 7034

Fax:  +44 (0) 28 7034 7026

Email: info@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Or send to:

General Enquiries,

Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council,


66 Portstewart Road,


BT52 1EY,

Northern Ireland


Complaints, Comments and Compliments

Freedom of information

Contact details of a particular service can be found on our A-Z.

Phone Number : 02870347202

Email: clcreception@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Would your organisation benefit from a FREE Health & Wellbeing Support Service?

Due to a fantastic funded initiative (supported by the Public Health Agency) your organisation may be able to avail of a free Workplace Health & Wellbeing support.
The aim of the initiative is to mentor and support businesses through a structured four stage process to improve the health, safety and well-being of their employees within the workplace setting.

This is currently year 4 of 4, and the programme has been a resounding success with over 600 business in Northern Ireland having availed with huge benefits to employee health being realised. Businesses range from large multinationals to small micro businesses.

Registration is now open for new workplaces, for a limited time only and best of all, it is completely funded by the Public Health Agency.

An overview of what is provided:

✓ An opportunity to complete an evidence-based and employee wide health & wellbeing survey to identify areas of priority;
✓ A comprehensive and informative report outlining the health of employees;
✓ Health Champion training for a nominated individual who will implement and lead the workplace strategy internally;
✓ Provision of resources such as action plan templates, guides, questionnaires and literature;
✓ Assistance with the development and implementation of a 3-year action plan;
✓ Delivery of 2 health & wellbeing sessions delivered by our specialist coordinators for your staff; &
✓ Assistance with the evaluation of all health & wellbeing initiatives implemented

How to register your interest?

You can register your interest in one of three ways

Complete a Registration of Interest Form (download form below or fill it in online) and your area provider will be in touch.

Alternatively, please contact your area provider via email:

Western Trust area       (Covers Limavady Area)                        

Sabrina Moore

Health@Work NI

sabrina@dhcni.com or download form


Northern Trust area  (Covers Ballymoney/Coleraine/Ballycastle Areas)

Emma McCrudden

Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke

emccrudden@nichs.org.uk  or download form


Belfast, Southern or South Eastern Trust Areas 

Catherine Downey

Health Matters


The Open generates up to £80 million of economic benefit for the region in which it is staged and ensures that the host venue is seen by hundreds of millions of television viewers around the world.  This coverage inspires many thousands of visitors to come to play the course and enjoy the local area in subsequent years.  The R&A fully recognises the importance of the communities which play host to the Championship and introduced The Open Legacy Fund as a vehicle for direct investment into the locality.  The fund provides £100,000 each year for sustainable development initiatives which enhance the local community and environment and deliver a long-lasting contribution to the area.  In recent years a wide range of initiatives in the towns which host the Championship have received funding and this reflects The R&A’s goal of supporting the enhancement and continuing prosperity of these communities.


Who Can Apply?

Not for profit Community and Voluntary organisations and statutory organisations where projects developed can clearly deliver good outcomes for the residents of Portrush. 

The beneficiaries of your project must be Portrush residents (as specified in Appendix 2, the Portrush Funding Boundary Map).


Organisations applying for the fund will have to demonstrate how their project contributes to at least one of the following themes: Social, Environmental or Health and Well-being.


Applicant Organisations must have a properly adopted “Governing Document” such as a constitution or memorandum and articles of association which clearly show that it is a not–for-profit organisation.  Evidence that a constitution has been formally adopted must be supplied.


Total Funds available are £100,000


There are 2 levels of grants awards available:

A. Small Grants £5,000- £10,000

B. Large Grants £10,000 - £50,000


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for funding support from The Open Legacy Fund, the project must meet the following criteria:

•             Be based in Portrush or have their project activities based in Portrush.

•             Project Beneficiaries must be Portrush residents.

•             Applicants must be from “not for profit” organisations.

•             Any necessary permissions must be in place prior to a letter of offer being issued.  (For example, planning permission or building control)

This area of the site is currently under construction.

Please check back soon.

Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council is calling on businesses across the region to sign up to a new Gift Card.  The ‘Causeway Coast & Glens Gift Card’ aims to encourage more spending in the local area as it can only be used in registered retail outlets, bars, hotels, cafes, restaurants and experiences located in the Borough.

This project is designed to lock-in additional money for participating businesses in the Borough, encourage local spend and increase footfall in our local towns.  This card can be spent across a number of businesses in the Borough, as long as they register to accept it.


What are the Business Benefits to Being on Board?


Be Part of  "Shop, Eat, Enjoy Local" Marketing Campaign

Particpating businesses will benefit from a heavy marketing campaign for the Gift Card, to encourage uptake among residents and visitors alike.


A Flexible Gift for Friends and Family

Anyone can purchase the Causeway Coast & Glens Gift Card as a flexible present for friends and family.  The recipients can spend their gift card only at participating businesses located within the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council area.

Get Paid Instantly 

The programme uses the existing MasterCard swipe card infrastructure, making it highly efficient for participating businesses.  No form filling required. Payment is instant via your swipe card machine! 


No Additional Card Machine Charges 

As your business is within the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough, it will not cost anything to join the programme.  There are NO additional charges for accepting the gift card as a form of payment.  You will be charged the same fee as you are normally charged for accepting MasterCard Debit Cards.


Getting Involved is Easy!

It’s really easy to get involved.  All you need to do is EMAIL US your contact name, email, business name and a phone number and we'll get in touch.  Or phone Catrina McNeill today on  028 7034 7299 / 07517 988 161


We would like to get as many local businesses on board to ensure the gift card recipient has a wide range and type of outlets to choose from in order to spend their card and to promote the ‘Shop, Eat, Enjoy Local’ ethos.

Best Foot Forward

‘Best Foot Forward’ walking & Nordic walking groups- Meet weekly every Wednesday from RVLC at 10am. Participants go on a walk around the scenic routes within the Limavady areas and usually walk at various paces with walk leaders for up to 1 hour. Nordic walking poles are provided for participants and everyone is welcomed. Occasional trips away are advertised and the walks at charged at £1 including tea and coffee on return to RVLC.


‘BikeFIT’ programmes run seasonally usually for 12 weeks with an end goal being a 50mile cycle in the annual ‘Tour de Foyle’. Currently Bike FIT is over until spring 2019. Please register interest with Camilla Lowry in RVLC. This is a fully funded programme and is aimed at complete beginner level.

Couch to 5K & RunFIT

‘Couch to 5K’ & ‘RunFIT’- Currently meeting Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm in RVLC. Autumn ‘Couch to 5K began on the 10th Sept and the 5K end event will take place on the 25th November. ‘RunFIT’ sessions are open to everyone to continue their running at £1/session.

Choose to Lose

‘Choose to Lose’- is a nutritional education programme aimed to guide participants into making healthier options in their daily dietary choices. The aim is to lose 1-2lbs/week over the course of the 10week programme to kick start a newer healthier lifestyle. ‘Choose to lose’ runs on a seasonal programme and is currently part of the autumn 20-18 programme. For more information please contact Camilla or Nicola at RVLC.

Get Active

‘Get Active’- is a lifestyle change programme for participants who are currently inactive with no diagnosed medical conditions. Aimed at individuals who wish to increase their daily activity levels to promote a healthier lifestyle. The goal of this would be to use this as a stepping stone into other ‘Healthy Towns’ activities and programmes. 

What is ‘PARS’?

PARS stands for ‘Physical Activity Referral Scheme’ and it is an ‘Exercise Prescription’ for you specifically from your GP or health professional- delivered by an exercise specialist within RVLC. The scheme provides 12 weeks of group exercise for your needs to improve quality of life and overall health and well-being. The idea is that PARPS clients continue after their initial 12 weeks onto ‘Healthy Towns’ programmes/classes and clubs.

Who will qualify for ‘Health Matters’?

When referring a patient to Health Matters, please consider the following:

The patient must be motivated to adopt a course of moderate physical activity
The patient must be considered capable of undertaking physical activity as a course of treatment
The patient must be sedentary and not currently a member of a leisure centre gym.

(a) The patient must suffer from one or more of the following:

Hypertension, mild – moderate greater than 140/90 mm/hg but less than 180/100 mm/hg
Controlled diabetes (refer to section (c) below)
Heart disease (refer to section (c) below)
Anxiety/stress/depression • Obesity (BMI greater than 30)
Asthma, bronchitis or COPD
Other significant long term illness (refer to section (c) below

(b) Patients with high risk of developing the following should be considered:

Coronary heart disease

(c) We do not recommend that the patient be referred to the scheme if they fall into any of the following criteria:

Uncontrolled hypertension
Poorly controlled epilepsy
Unstable angina
Uncontrolled diabetes
Cardiomyopathy, unless recommended by a heart specialist
Current severe disease or disability which impedes ability to take part in physical activity
Less than 12 weeks from a cardiac event
Less than 12 weeks from giving birth
Under the age of 16

Why complete the Referral Form?

The Referral Form demonstrates that a healthcare professional considers a course of physical activity to be beneficial to their patient’s needs. It is important to fill in all sections of the form and not to leave any sections blank. It is essential that this information is correct, as it will be used to design a physical activity course specific to the patient’s needs.

All information is treated as confidential.

It is essential to know the following information:

1. Reason for referral:

Patients referred for weight management will only be accepted if they have a BMI greater than 30
If a patient is referred for ‘other’ reasons, please state this condition in the ‘Comment(s)’ section of this form. Please note this should be a condition that a course of physical activity can help. The Health Matters Coordinator can be contacted to clarify whether this ‘other’ condition will be accepted onto the scheme or not.

2. Relevant, current or past health problems:

 Please use the ‘Comment(s)’ section of this form to advise of this information

3. Any relevant medication, for example:

Beta-blockers eg Atenolol, Metaprolol
Diuretics eg Frumil, Burinex, Bendrofluazide
ACE Inhibitors eg Captopril, Enalopril
Calcium Chellel Blockers eg Nifedipine, Diltiazon
Nitrates eg Isosorbide Mononitrate, GTN 4. Limitation of physical activity specific to the patient

5. Referrer’s signature
6. Patient’s signature

Once the form is completed and signed, please post to:
Health Matters Coordinator Please refer to the list of participating leisure facilities

What happens next?

Within two to six weeks of receiving the form, the patient/client will be contacted by the Health Matters Coordinator to arrange an appointment. (Referral forms will only be accepted when a practice has signed up to the Service Level Agreement.)

Feedback Form to Referrer

At the end of the 12-week scheme a feedback form will be completed. A copy of this form will be forwarded to the referrer, a copy shall be given to the patient and the leisure centre will retain a copy. Should the patient, for whatever reason, drop out of the scheme, it will be noted on the feedback form.

‘What does ‘Health 4 Life’ look like in Limavady?

‘Health for Life’ is an initiative based in Roe Valley Leisure Centre operated by Causeway Coast and Glens Council. ‘Health for Life’ incorporates a variety of projects and programmes, such as ‘Healthy Towns’, NHIP (Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project), PARS (Physical Activity Referral Scheme), and EBA (Everybody Active).

The aim is to offer as many different programmes, activities and opportunities for everyone in the Roe Valley area to avail of in order to improve overall well-being, fitness and healthier lifestyles. Projects run year round for all abilities and are funded/part-funded by Causeway coast and Glens Council, PHA, DfC and SportNI.



Camilla Lowry

Health Development officer




Nicola Taylor

Exercise Co-ordinator



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